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HouseOfArbs, offers a very attractive affiliate program, giving you 25% commission for each client registers by you.

Briefly, the affiliate program gives you the option to use a banner or a direct hyperlink in your website, where each visitor registered to House Of Arbs after having followed this referral link can be tracked and enabled as your referral. Note that this referral option for your visitor is valid for 90 days. This means that you don't have to worry if the visitor will not register immediately after following the referral link.

The only mandatory prerequisite is to have an active account in House Of Arbs

Enabling the affiliate option is a very easy procedure which can be activated by you, in 2 minutes

Step 1. Login with your credentials into



Step 2. Once succesfully logged in go to "Affiliates" option



Step 3. The "Activate Affiliate Account" page will appear. Your next step is to press the "Activate Affiliate Account" option



Step 4. Upon activation of affiliate option you should be able to see "Your Unique Referral Link"


This referral link, can be used in your website as a direct link, or as a link within an image or banner. The default behaviour of the link to redirect your visitor into our webpage,

Examples of Referral link usage

Use Referral link as a direct hyperlink

Use Referral link with an image

<a href=""><img src="" title="House Of Arbs" width="802" height="225" /></a>

Image Gallery

House Of Arbs offers you a collection of images that can be used among your referral link

Full collection with details can be found in the HoA Image Gallery  knowledge base article

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